I thought I could forget it completely, I thought I could drift away with the wind, I thought I could After all, I just thought that when I listen to a song, I will think of someone. When I pass by a place I have met before, I will think of someone. When I look at some agreed scenery, I will also think of someone. Think of think of, just think of, even greetings dare not, after youth, even love is silent old. My colleagues said that in fact, they can't see me through. At that time, I just wanted to ask myself, did you see through those years? The boy with a broad smile, indulged in your youth, so unbridled, do you remember? At that time, it was like the brilliant fireworks blooming in the black sky in the middle of the night. Before we could have a good look around, we were inadvertently given a beautiful back. As well as goodbye that sentence, have been living to swallow back. Yanran looks back and finds that he has too much to give up. Do not want to personally bury youth, do not want to personally bury yesterday, also do not want to personally bury pain. Some of them are concentrated in hundreds of days and nights. Who knows? I said decisively, no one knows? When you are tired, find a peaceful mood; when you think, find a clear one. The time used to be like flowing water, but the feeling in my heart is still the same. Flowers bloom and fall, years flow. The wind can take away the residual clouds and clouds to cover the bright moon. However, some things can never go back. The youth and love in that time will never come back. It seems to understand that everything is not wrong, love and not love, in fact, it is no longer so important.